IRIS Analytics

How It Works

IRIS Analytics, is a platform that helps businesses and brands track their analytics & drive targeted traffic to their social media. We focus on increasing sales, targeted traffic, and helping you brand your page to get the most engagement possible.

Brand Awareness

Our platform isn’t designed to get you FAKE followers. We focus on organic targeted traffic to your page. Our end goal is to increase your sales and brand awareness to individuals that find your content interesting. We provide you with the tools to target WHO you want, and the analytics and reporting to see the results. Watch the video below to learn more.

Our Mission

Drive targeted traffic to your social media & provide a platform for you to take control of the wheel. We will help you along the way.


Download, print, or email the analytics we track. Our platform is made just for you.


Target the right audience through keywords, and location. Consult with your account manager for any questions related to your marketing plan.

Platform Benefits

Account Managers

You will have access to one of our many account managers. Our account managers, will work with you one on one and give you the best advice on what to do with your account, as well as watch your account growth and make sure you are satisfied with the demographic we are targeting.


View, download, and email account data. You will have access to view your growth and many more features. Our client portal is to give you ease of mind and have better access to your data. Our platform allows you to manually change targeting on your own terms.

Targeted Traffic

Other platforms focus directly on growth, we focus on targeted traffic and page views. Its easy to gain followers, its hard to target the right ones. IRIS Analytics is the best way to get users to your page that are relevant to your niche.

Benefits Of Working With YBO Marketing


Customer Support

We work around the clock. Expect very quick response time from our account managers.



Our team is always updating our system to re-target and engage with a new audience to produce better results.

Account Managers

Our account managers, will be watching your growth and working with you to get the most traffic and engagement on your page. We know Instagram very well.


Tips & Tricks

Need advice or have a question? Feel free to ask us anything. We will be working with you on a monthly basis to give you tips and advice and convert page visitors into customers or loyal followers.

Data Reporting

Access to our back end reporting system. You will be able to view your own account analytics.


Manually change your targeting settings yourself. If you aren’t sure what to do, we will help you or handle it entirely.



Access to our branding videos and tutorials. We go through how Instagram works, what you should be doing, and how to increase overall engagement.

No Commitments

We pride ourselves on having zero commitments or contracts. You shouldn’t pay for a service you do not like. Start up or stop at anytime!

Get Started Today. No Commitments Or Contracts