Hal’s Sons

Planning a move is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. In order to make your move go as smoothly as possible, Hal’s Sons, Inc. has provided the following information to help you plan your move. With so much on your mind, it is impossible to remember everything you need to finish before your move. The Moving Checklist will allow you to create a custom time line to cope with all of the details of relocating.

Brow Designs By Julia

Brow Designs By Julia, is a full service permanent makeup artist. This website was made to provide an appeal to Julia’s customers and provide a way to quickly see her services, and prices. The website is completely mobile functional and very responsive. In Julia’s industry, many of the customers depend on viewing previous work done, so we made a point to include before and after pictures of her work.

Salon Vianney

Salon Vianney, by Israel hair designs is a luxurious hair and nail salon. With this information, we went to visit their shop and got a feel for what they were looking for. We talked to Israel, and he explain that it was important to have a very luxurious and serious feeling. This website was the outcome with the information he gave us, including color options, and text style. His customers, can now view his work instantly, see his pricing, and contact him directly.

Project Nawf

Project Nawf, is a special project to us. They are a company based in Gwinnett County where we had started just a couple years ago. We currently maintain their website, fixing prices, and adding new content weekly. Project Nawf is lifestyle / athletic wear, representing the NAWF. The website was designed, with e-commerce in mind and a younger audience. We also provide marketing for their Instagram.

Luna Expressions

A swim-wear company that is a on-going project for us. With each season, the website changes to match and can have drastic changes depending on the new line that is being released. This is a perfect example of a website that is never finished. Some websites are a one and done, and this is certainly not one of those. With amazing new bikinis and accessories always being released, the theme of the website changes constantly depending on the vision of the owner.


Lappendolls, a rag-doll company based in Georgia, is a startup company that was looking for a simple design. This website was done in just under a month. It is still a current project, updated every week with new features and products. They ship all across the world, and each product is unique. The website is fast, and provides an easy way for customers to find their products and other information without clogging it up with useless features. This website is a perfect example for a business looking for a minimalist design.

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