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Our team consists of extremely driven people. Our goal is to create a group and community of hard working individuals that can create an amazing work environment and bring real value to our clients around the world.

Ready to start? Work directly from your phone.

Working directly from your phone is a lifestyle many dream for. This is a possibility to hard working individuals. We provide the highest commission rates in our industry. This allows for growth and the lifestyle you look for.

We dedicate ourselves to bringing so much value to our clients and driving sales through our phones. If you decide to apply we work with you directly and teach you the highest paid job in the world… sales.

Perks & Benefits

In three years of business, we have built a strong infrastructure that is streamlined for our team and can easily work around your schedule.

Competitive Commissions

We provide the highest paid out commissions in our industry from 30-50%. Commissions are paid out on weekly basis.

Work From Your Phone

Our team consists all over the world, as well as our clients. You can work directly from your phone. We require that you have a smart device able to join our bi-weekly team calls.

Team Building Trips

With no overhead expenses we are able to provide extremely high payouts to our team and even have quarterly paid team building trips (Free).


We are a start up company and as we grow the company will be creating new salaried positions within the next year that will start at around 50,000/yr. 


No hours, no clocking in / out. We believe you should be able to work when you want. Everyone has different goals, and that’s fair. You should be able to work when you want. However if you decide this is your passion we will bring you aboard our direct team and work with you directly.


Training is provided. If you have zero sales experience we will help you become great at sales. Over the past three years, we have over 20 people to learn the trade of communication and sales.

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